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Five Custom Seat Covers That Are Great Gifts for a Student Heading to Uni

Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Five Custom Seat Covers That Are Great Gifts for a Student Heading to Uni

If you have a friend or relative preparing to go to uni, consider giving them the unique gift of car seats covers. Custom car seat covers come in a range of different patterns and designs, and they can be a fun gift idea. If you know someone on the way to uni, here are five types of custom seat covers you should consider giving them: 1. Cool but functional At uni, kids are tasked not only with studying for a degree that can help them through the rest of their lives. They are also tasked with meeting new friends and establishing a new life. When meeting new people, image can be important. Give your loved one a bit of a leading edge with cool and functional custom seat covers. They are ideal for hiding stains, rips and other issues in the interior of an old car. You can get covers that match a car’s interior as well as ones with more innovative designs. 2. School spirit Instead of getting seat covers that are merely functional, look for seat covers that are beautiful and stylish as well. If you know what kind of patterns the prospective student likes, get him or her zigzags, animal prints, polka dots, stripes or cartoons. If you don’t know what they would like, play it safe by getting seat covers made with the logo and mascot of the recipient’s new school. 3. Great comfort Instead of novelty designs, think about comfort when buying seat covers for a new uni student. If the student is going to be making long drives between home and campus, consider buying him or her seat covers that are designed for comfort. You can get padded covers or ones made of beads that gently massage your back as you drive. A company like Prestige Sheepskin offers seat covers that will make a drive more cosy. 4. Photographs of home Alternatively, consider buying the uni student a custom seat cover that has photographs on it. You can do something playful and fun, or you can give the new student a reminder of home with seat covers printed with photographs of their younger siblings, the family dog, a favourite hang-out at home or something else. 5. inspiration Quotes Of course, custom seat covers don’t have to focus on images. Instead give the new uni student something to ponder with a seat cover that has inspirational quotes on it. In most cases, the move to uni is a youngster’s first foray into the world, and inspirational quotes can help guide them in the right...

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Essential Trailer Parts For Your Boat

Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Essential Trailer Parts For Your Boat

If you’re thinking about becoming a first-time boat buyer, you will need to consider what type of parts you need for your trailer. Unless you live on your boat, you must make provisions to haul the vessel to and from a body of water, so to help you out, here are the essential trailer parts you should buy. Trailer Winch — A trailer winch gives you the power to hitch your boat to a trailer, and then lower it into the water when you arrive for a boating expedition. Without a winch, it’s extremely difficult for you to lift the boat onto the trailer, and to remove your boat and place it in a body of water. Winches come into two varieties:  manual and electric. A manual trailer winch requires you to use your own strength to pull the boat onto a trailer and to release it into water. Manual winches feature a ratchet that prevents the boat from pulling back into the water when you are trying to load it onto the trailer. Manual trailer winches are designed to exponentially increase your strength to allow easy loading and unloading. Electric winches utilize motors to double or triple the amount of torque, and are recommended for larger, multi-passenger boats. Trailer Jack — A trailer jack operates very much like a vehicle jack, in that it is designed to lift your trailer so that you can attach or remove the coupler that attaches to the hitch ball of the trailer. Trailer jacks also help keep your boat trailer level when it isn’t connected to a truck or SUV. In addition, a trailer jack can keep your trailer from shifting or sliding when you are loading or unloading your boat, providing additional support even if the trailer brake is locked. Trailer jacks come in several styles, including side mount trailer jacks and pipe mount trailer jacks. You can buy a trailer jack with casters or wheels, which helps you load your trailer, or one with a jack-foot, which is a flat anchor that helps disperse the weight of the trailer. Trailer Brakes — Some boat trailers don’t come with brakes, which require you to invest in trailer brakes. Standard trailer brakes are made from stainless steel, which is resistant to rust. They also feature rotors, aluminum calipers and ceramic brake pads. Trailer brakes are essential even if your winches feature brake technology because winch brakes do not control the actual trailer, they just control the amount of force with which you can load or unload your boat from the trailer. To learn more, contact a company like Transtyle Trailers with any questions you...

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Teens and Cars: Four Tech Tools to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Teens and Cars: Four Tech Tools to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

  Teens and driving can be a deadly combination, and in fact, a third of teens crash within their first year of driving. Convincing these kids who often think they are invincible to drive more safely can be difficult. However, if you mix the message with technology (something most teens love), you may make a bigger impact. Here are four tech tools to help teens stay safer on the road: Hands-Free Car Kit Also called a Bluetooth kit, a hands-free car kit connects any Bluetooth device to your teen’s car radio. This allows your teen to be able to talk on the phone while driving, but the conversation doesn’t require their hands, helping to keep it safe. Hands-free car kits don’t just work on phone conversations, they can also be used to connect music to the stereo or anything else streaming through a Bluetooth enabled device. Anti-Texting Apps If your teen is an avid texter, he or she may eventually be tempted to pick up his or her phone while driving to read or write a text. Although illegal, this practice still happens, especially with teens who always want to know what’s going on. You can help your teen avoid temptation by installing an anti-texting app on his or her mobile phone. A range of apps are available including ones that block texts while your child is driving and even send you a message if your teen turns off the block. Other apps read texts aloud as they come in so your child can hear what’s happening without picking up their phone. With the latter, you can connect the mobile to the hands-free car kit so the texts are broadcast over the car’s sound system. GPS Tracking Device If you want the joys of feeling like a spy while also keeping your kid safer on the road, install a GPS teen tracking device on your teen’s car. These devices track where the car travels and how fast it goes along the way. There are a range of options, from GPS-enabled devices that connect to the car’s diagnostic system to ones that get downloaded on your teen’s mobile phone. Driving Simulator To give your teen extra practice before he or she starts driving for real, see if you can find a simulator to help your teen learn to drive. Driving simulators give teens practice without actually putting them behind the wheel, and a new generation of simulators shows exactly how distracting driving can be by tempting teens with texts, teasing them with cop cars driving past and creating other distractions.    For more information, contact a local auto accessory company like Gold Coast Car...

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